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Camera ball machine correlation



Explain:The ball machine itself is card - mounted interface structure, size as shown in the figure below. At the same time, in order to cooperate with the old thread support, some models of ball machine are equipped with quick-loading adapter (please refer to the real product), the size is shown in the following figure.

Quick fitting adapter thread is external thread, specification g11/2 pipe thread

G thread belongs to unsealed cylindrical pipe thread with a tooth Angle of 55°

Pitch p=2.309mm, tooth height h=1.479mm

Large longitude =47.803mm, middle diameter =46.324mm, small path =44.845mm


There are two kinds of customizable support modes for the above ball machine interface style: clamping type and threaded type:

1. The interface dimensions of the customized bracket corresponding to the clamping type are shown in the figure below:


2. The interface dimensions of customized bracket corresponding to screw mounting are shown in the figure below:


The self-defined screw thread support shall adopt the internal screw thread structure. When installing, first screw the quick-assembly adapter into the self-defined screw support, and then install the ball machine to the quick-assembly adapter head.


1、      Specific custom bracket processing, it is best to use the ball machine to match, to prevent machining tolerance, resulting in normal use of the phenomenon.

2、      The upper part of the ball machine interface has a waterproof joint, and the matching part of the custom bracket and the ball machine needs to ensure the length of more than 60mm.

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