Campus Recruiting

Commercial Commissioner

Job description

1. Make, review and file the contract, classify, number and file the original paper documents and faxes;

2. Input order information in SAP system according to the contract and delivery order, borrowing agreement and borrowing order, and track the arrival and delivery of goods;

3. Track the order locking and delivery time, and feed back the abnormal situation to the relevant sales personnel and customers in time;

4. Deal with project authorization issues; track logistics delivery, delivery and other related issues;

5. Assist sales to deal with borrowing and collection, deal with special price and accounts receivable;

6. Interpret the special requirements of customers, communicate with customers, solve and handle exceptions, and ensure delivery.

7. According to customer plan, decompose customer demand and make delivery plan;

8. Temporary work arranged by the superior.

Location: Hangzhou

Job qualification

1. College degree or above, more than 2 years business related working experience; business experience in related industries is preferred.

2. Strong communication and coordination skills, efficient execution;

3. Have a strong sense of responsibility and initiative, careful, have a sense of service; have the ability to deal with exceptions.

4. Have the spirit of hard work, can adapt to strong work pressure;

5. Cheerful and optimistic.

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