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Announcement of the award list of the 9th 2018 top ten security brands in China

Zhejiang brailly Technology Co., Ltd. won the top ten quality suppliers (explosion-proof and security inspection)

[top 10 selection of China Security Exhibition Network] what's the big event near the security circle? The "9th 2018 top ten Chinese security brands" selection activity hosted by China security exhibition network is a hot spot. Since the opening of the online voting on November 20, attention has been attracted in the security circle, and major media, associations and enterprises have forwarded their attention and actively voted. The voting ended at 17:00 on November 30, with limited time and fierce competition. After several days of competition, all kinds of popular brand enterprises have emerged. Today, Xiaobian will show you the top names of all categories as of 10:00 on the 24th?

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