Operation Teaching System

Context of Use

It is widely used in clinical operation teaching, medical academic communication, clinical skill training, accumulation of medical scientific research materials and other business scenarios of audio and video recording, transmission and two-way communication of surgical process.

User demand

Establish a real-time audio and video interactive channel from the operating room to the demonstration room/lecture hall, expand the number of observation and learning personnel for clinical surgery, and provide business support for surgical teaching, medical academic exchange, clinical skill training and other businesses.

Godaddy Deluxe

Through for hospitals, gauge cultivation base, medical colleges training center construction operation teaching system, the operation process of audio and video and medical image transmission to the classroom/lecture hall, and set up real-time audio and video interaction channels, breakthrough the limitation of the operating room to clean specification and size, can let more people to learn the clinical surgery. It provides systematic guarantee for the operation teaching, medical academic exchange and clinical skill training of medical institutions. At the same time, improve the level of medical education information and institutional influence of medical institutions, and accumulate clinical case materials for medical research.

Plan highlights

?Simple networking, long-distance teaching: IP networking, flexible deployment, seamless expansion, can realize long-distance surgical teaching between medical institutions;

?Low bandwidth, high quality: adopting h.265 advanced coding algorithm, 8M bandwidth can realize 1080P60fps high quality image transmission.

?Medical device image access: the system can access the images of many medical devices, such as endoscope, b-ultrasound, monitor, DSA and surgical microequipment, with strong compatibility.

?Various control methods: support PC client, mobile PAD control terminal and other control methods, easy to use;

?Flexible deployment: support the product deployment of fixed equipment in the operating room, mobile teaching cart deployment and other ways, simple deployment;

   Independent research and development of professional equipment: the core equipment of the system, such as field camera, panoramic camera, camera host, platform software and teaching cart, are independently developed to ensure better system stability and compatibility;

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