Intelligent ping an monitoring solutions

1Background and challenges

The public security supervision place is the organ that detains and manages all kinds of criminals and major criminal suspects arrested and detained according to law. It is one of the institutions under the public security system, and also one of the places with the highest level of security protection requirements.

At present, all kinds of technical prevention systems in public security supervision sites only play the role of surveillance, control and post investigation, and all technical prevention systems are basically running independently. Once there is an emergency, the systems can not be linked in time, the monitoring image and other security resources can not be shared, can not play the role of early warning and prevention quickly and efficiently, and it is difficult to check and find the relevant information between the systems afterwards.

In response to this situation, Hikvision has launched a set of intelligent safety supervision solutions of "combination of management and control", which promotes the supervision and prevention ability of public security supervision places, improves the level of fair and civilized law enforcement, improves the ability of safety assurance, and enhances the ability to respond to emergency events, provides a strong technical guarantee for building "safety supervision", and realizes no escape of detainees There is no major case or major work safety accident, and the purpose of effective education and transformation of the detainees is to be achieved.


The scheme strictly complies with the requirements of the technical construction specifications of detention center issued by the Ministry of public security, and combines with the experience of Hikvision in building intelligent safety supervision institute for many years, divides the whole system into three levels: the first level is monitoring (command) center, central computer room and audio-visual education room, the second level is monitoring duty room and equipment room, and the third level is each front-end monitoring place.

The system integration topology of intelligent safety supervision institute is shown in the following figure:



(3) System functions

Video patrol function

With the video monitoring service, each patrol on duty can change the way that they need to patrol in the field of each building, courtyard and perimeter of the wall, and use the video monitoring of the relevant cameras on the monitoring client to realize all-round monitoring of their responsible patrol area.

Patrol automatic scheduling

Support the automatic scheduling of patrol personnel, and inform the police on duty through platform monitoring client, SMS, email, etc. in advance, which can effectively improve the efficiency of patrol scheduling of police.

Statistical analysis decision

According to the organization, the police cases are classified and analyzed by time, and the trend of the number of police cases is analyzed by a certain period of time, so that the relevant leaders can make correct decisions according to the results of statistical analysis.

Personnel information management

The platform supports the information management of the detainees. It can manage the detainees according to each prison room, manage the supervision police and the prison room correspondingly, and query the information of the supervision police and the detainees according to the prison room. Personnel information management can enable the supervision police, supervision office and detainees to conduct one-to-one correspondence, effectively, conveniently and quickly find the information of supervision police and detainees as well as their solutions and information.


Integrated joint defense system

The platform will display video alarm, emergency alarm, intelligent analysis alarm, perimeter alarm, high-voltage power grid alarm, access control alarm, patrol alarm, intercom report and other alarms on a unified interface for statistics and linkage. It can link alarm video display, information display of detainees, alarm video recording, alarm log recording, voice broadcast, audio-visual prompt, SMS and email sending , and forward the alarm information to the relevant control platform and personnel.




Video intelligent analysis application

The system supports the detection and recording of regional intrusion, vigorous exercise, getting up in the middle of the night, climbing, wandering, sudden acceleration and other behaviors, and realizes the detection of suspicious personnel to prevent the occurrence of hazardous events.

Face detection and recognition function

Input the captured photos of the detainees into the system for real-time control. When the system captures people with similar input photo characteristics in the capture area, an alarm will be generated.

4User value

(1) Embodiment of personalized needs

According to different application requirements of special scenes in the public security supervision site, Hikvision will provide professional products and solutions.

(2) Multi system integration and linkage, application of high-tech means

In the face of more than ten technical defense subsystems in the public security supervision place, the purpose of system design is to realize the integrated linkage of multi system security protection and multi system processing of alarm information through data interaction, business integration and information sharing of a variety of technical defense subsystems deployed separately and operated independently.

(3) Establish emergency business mechanism based on alarm linkageThe system can quickly respond to and handle all kinds of alarm events. Once the system receives the alarm signal from the detector, it can link the video monitoring system to pop up the real-time screen, the linked video recording system can start the alarm recording, the linked communication system can automatically send SMS and email, and the linked plan management system can implement the emergency plan.

(4) From "single security monitoring" to "comprehensive business management"

The purpose of the system is to meet all-round application requirements of security management and data business processing in public security supervision places, gradually transform from "single security integrated management system" to "comprehensive police practical system", and provide multiple supervision for public security supervision places, such as alarm linkage management, data analysis, daily business assessment, police command issuance, remote video review, etc Means of application.

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