Safe City Snow Project

On the afternoon of November 16, the director of general administration of customs and his delegation visited hikvision to investigate the innovation and development of hikvision. Hu yangzhong, President of haikang vision, CAI changyang, vice President, tong junjie, general manager of the judicial division accompanied the investigation and made special report.

 Yu guangzhou asked hikway with concern about its performance and development. Hu yangzhong hui reported that in 2015, the revenue of hikway was 25.271 billion yuan, and its products and systems were sold in more than 160 countries around the world, covering all countries along the "One Belt And One Road" route. IHS research report shows that hikway has been the world's largest market share in CCTV and video monitoring for five consecutive years (2011-2015). Yu guangzhou and his colleagues affirmed hikvision's development achievements and highly agreed with hikvision's development concept of "continuous reform and innovation", and encouraged hikvision to continue to "go out" and apply high technology to more overseas regions.

 In the haikangwei wisdom security experience hall, we observed and experienced the company's latest scientific and technological innovation achievements in guangzhou group. Among them, in the machine vision exhibition area, the car bottom scanning system, which can be applied to customs on-site inspection, aroused the strong interest of our group. Hu Yangzhong mainly reports the hikvision wisdom customs solutions, based on visual perception comprehensive processing equipment, cloud storage technology, pattern recognition technology, application technology and large data visualization platform, for the monitoring of the customs control, processing and bonded supervision, logistics monitoring, LvJian goods inspection, anti-smuggling detection applications such as providing business support. At the same time, hikvision Jin Guan project phase ii as the customs and general administration of customs anti-smuggling equipment purchase one of the core systems and equipment suppliers, to the customs and part of the customs directly under the general administration of customs, all provide video monitoring system platform, and in general command center to realize mass video access, provide powerful guarantee to implement Jin Guan project phase ii. Yu guangzhou nodded approvingly, he said, through scientific and technological equipment, to achieve on-site inspection of the whole process of traces, the whole process can be traced, is a good scientific and technological innovation, and encourage the relevant departments around the innovation technology supervision many put forward the topic, encourage hikway to participate in it.

     Tong guili, member of standing committee of hangzhou municipal committee, wang song, deputy commissioner of hangzhou customs, tian deming and other leaders participated in the survey

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