There are six steps to install the explosion-proof camera

Explosion-proof camera belongs to explosion-proof monitoring product, which is the cross product of explosion-proof industry and monitoring industry. Because conventional camera products cannot be used in the scene with high risk flammability and explosive, explosion-proof camera with explosion-proof function is needed. Today brearley shares how to install the blast-proof camera and what to pay attention to when installing it.  

  1. The inlet of explosion-proof camera must be sealed with rubber sealing ring. It is forbidden to use other methods such as filling sealant, asbestos rope, etc.; Do not fill the cavity with any substance. Loss of explosion-proof properties; The grease on the rubber seal ring should be scrubbed clean, so as not to deteriorate. 

 2. It is strictly forbidden to change the structure, parts and the internal circuit of explosion-proof camera. The fastening bolt shall not be replaced or missing arbitrarily. The elastic gasket and metal gasket of the excess inlet and outlet must be kept in the factory sealing state, and the tightening nut shall be tightened to seal the inlet and outlet. 

  3, the wiring is best to take the dark line, really can't take the open line, it is necessary to ensure the line part of the physical protection to do the best.

  4, when installation should pay attention to avoid strong collision explosion-proof infrared cameras, before installation, must confirm whether the power supply voltage for a given voltage, so as not to burn out, the camera don't aim at strong light, such as sunlight, lighting, etc., otherwise easy to bright occurred, the use of CCD life also can have certain effect, explosion-proof infrared camera installation location should also avoid damp, dusty, extreme heat, cold, strong electromagnetic radiation and so on. 

  5. During routine operation and maintenance inspection, the shell of explosion-proof camera shall be avoided as far as possible, and the power shall be cut off first when it must be opened. If the flameproof shell is opened, the flameproof surface shall be properly protected and shall not be damaged. During maintenance, the flameproof surface shall be placed upward and shall not directly touch the ground. After cleaning, the flameproof surface shall be coated with phosphating paste or 204 anti-rust oil. 

  6. Explosion-proof infrared camera relies on infrared lamp matched with CCD to send infrared light on the object and reflect it to image on the CCD camera lens. Therefore, when installing explosion-proof infrared camera, we should avoid all black objects in the field of view, empty places, water and other objects that absorb infrared light. If the infrared ray is absorbed or weakened, the effective irradiation effect of infrared lamp will be greatly reduced, thus affecting the monitoring picture effect of explosion-proof infrared camera.

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